A Whirlwind Introduction

Hello, Catersource readers! The last two weeks have been a flurry of getting to know Catersource, but I’m finally ready to introduce myself: I’m Deborah Carver, and I’m the new Editor and Content Manager of Catersource magazine. I’m an eater and a cook, a foodservice veteran, and a publishing industry devotee. I’ve also been blogging since before the term “blog” was coined, so I’m stoked that I was asked to put this blog together as a behind-the-scenes look at Catersource. I like blogs because of the conversations they inspire, the connections that build between the blog author and audience, and the fact that I can use the word “stoked,” which is a word that I would never use in the print magazine. But on the blog, there’s a more casual atmosphere… so I’ll just reiterate that I am stoked to be here!

And, of course, tomorrow we all leave for the Conference & Tradeshow! This is my first Catersource, and my first time in Las Vegas, so I know that I’m going to be wide-eyed and enamored with the whole place. I watched Ocean’s Eleven last night while I was packing, and I paid close attention to the (very few) scenes at Caesars: it seems like a beautiful place, and I’ll have a lot to take in.

But there will be no Pitt-n-Clooney-style shenanigans on my trip to Vegas. I’m there to experience and report on  Catersource, and I’ll be attending as many sessions and events as I can handle: sugar sculpture, barbecue, weddings, pastries, Xperience stages, Twin Cities hero Andrew Zimmern– I want to see it all. I’ll also be at the Tradeshow magazine lounge for a couple of hours on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Attendees can connect with me on PresdoMatch, and stop by and say hi! I’ll also be working to update our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and let me know how the blog and the magazine can be the best possible resource for you, the catering industry professional.

I’ll also be working on our daily show email, and the features from that email will be posted on this blog. I’ll be out with my camera, notepad, recorder and laptop to take in as much of the C&T as possible. Stay tuned for a lot of updates over the next few days– I know I’ll be learning as much as you are.


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