Show Daily Feature: Getting Acquainted on Sunday

We're ready to play!

We’re flush with excitement! (Catersource cards are new in the store!)

Welcome to Catersource 2012! Come join us at Caesars Palace! Registration is on the Emperors Level, and there are signs and staff everywhere. Grab your tote bag, and get ready for a day of making valuable connections, saying hello to old friends and learning about your industry with your peers and all of the all-stars in your field. Here’s a short guide of how to make your way through the show.

I’m sure you’re as Ready To Go as I am, which makes Sunday a great day for education. To help you plan for today and your whole experience at Catersource, get acquainted with the Show Guide, included in your tote bag. This year’s Show Guide combines the Conference & Tradeshow, so after you review the 100+ educational opportunities, you can start browsing the  booths  and planning a route at the Tradeshow before you even get there. Familiarize yourself with exhibitors, and make notes of what you absolutely can’t miss.

To get an idea of which sessions will be right for you, check out page 12 of the Show Guide. Levels 1, 2, 3 and Perfect Fit classes are marked throughout the show schedule, so decide where your business fits best and try to hit those classes. However, you aren’t tied to a level, so if there’s something you see that would be super ambitious for you, no one is going to stop you from learning.

Let the columns guide your way…

Mark which sessions and Xperience Stages you want to attend on the Catersource mobile app. You can build your whole show schedule, view descriptions of pretty much everything going on, and check out speaker bios. You can also connect to everyone you’re meeting on PresdoMatch, our conference social networking tool.

New to Catersource? You’re in the same boat as I am. I’m fully prepared to  be a little bit overwhelmed today, but I also know that there are a ton of tools to help me orient myself. And there’s no better way to figure out what’s going on than Freshman orientation! Catersource ambassador and expert Bill Pannhoff will give you the what’s what at the Catersource Freshman Class session, which begins at 10:30 in the Augustus I ballroom, which is down the hall at the opposite end of registration. You’ll also get the helpful Catering Forms Toolkit to guide you through the next year and beyond.

Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas! Join me at Caesars!

A few of our Optional Events still aren’t sold out, so check with Registration to see what is still available. If you’re dying to get tickets to sold out events like the PURE Sensation party or the Wedding Lunch on Monday, check out the Connection Board in the Attendee Lounge where you can post an ad for tickets or catch someone who needs to give theirs up.

Phew! We know it’s a lot to take in, but if you need any help at all, find one of us.  Ask questions. Connect with attendees. Have an amazing Conference. It’s Showtime!


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