What an Attendee Wants: Ideas, Photos and a Sense of Humor

You’re finally here, and it’s been great to meet you. Welcome!  At this conference, if each attendee has an average five years of experience in business — and I realize that’s a low estimate — there’s a total of 40,000 years of experience at the Catersource Conference and Tradeshow, which is a ridiculous number. Chatting with as many attendees as possible can be overwhelming, but I encourage you to make friends with as many fellow Catersourcers as you can — everyone’s brimming with a different level of knowledge. Here’s what I learned this morning:

Chatting with Mead Yeatman, who was featured in our email daily this morning.

Everyone — and I mean everyone — here is on the lookout for ideas. This may seem like the most basic, obvious point, but all of us here are hungry to new ways to present ourselves and our food, new ways to organize our businesses, and new ways to be more efficient and economical. And you’ll learn as much from your fellow attendees as you will in sessions — so take the opportunity to connect in between your sessions and tonight at the Welcome Reception and the Champagne on Ice SEARCH Fundraiser tonight.

I’ve also found out that in Catersource, everyone’s looking for photos. You’ll see our photo crew taking pictures throughout the sessions, but if you see something cool and want to share it, you can email us and we’ll post it on the site. You can also pin photos to our Pinterest boards, including the Conference & Tradeshow board. We’d love to see your view of the show!

And finally, one of our attendees noted that it’s best to approach catering seriously… but mitigated with a sense of humor. What phenomenal advice to remember at show time! There’s been a good amount of laughter that I’ve seen so far, and we’ll continue to approach each day with the idea that we love what we’re doing and that we’re having a good time doing it. Enjoy the conference! Take a break to laugh and chat with your neighbor! This time is about enjoying yourself as much as it is about learning. Some of the best ideas are derived from taking a step back and looking at your hard work with a light heart.

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