Manic Monday: Keep Your Eyes on the Bling Bar

After my first session yesterday morning, Sugarworks with Jack Milan, I had learned so much that I was prepared rush in and tell my bosses that we were going to have to change the name of the magazine to Meringues Monthly, that I could fill the pages with delectable desserts, and that our established magazine could just be dissolved into a world of sugar and egg whites. But then I went to the next session, and I saw Andy Snow’s svelte and effective field kitchen mastery, and I was going to stock the whole back section of the magazine with forms and strategies and provide very straight and direct advice to ensure that you can take control of any size party at the drop of a hat. After that came Eric LeVine’s bite-sized strategies and Anthony Lorie’s Mediterranean appetizers… And then I got to thinking that we’re all learning several school years’ worth of material in about four days, and that it’s best to just pace yourself, and prioritize. Monday’s a busy day; here’s what you can look forward to:

Jack Milan gives us the skinny on meringues. Photo by Chelsea Kelly.

Weddings! It’s super wedding day at Catersource, with the Wedding Luncheon (which has been long sold out, but check the Connection Board for any last chance tickets) and Wedding Gallery at the Bellagio, and wedding education-related sessions lasting until 6:15 tomorrow night. Keep on top of new trends and build your business beyond old school fare.

Lunch! Two other lunch events, the Out of the Box Lunch (sold out as well) and the Xperience Lunch are in the Paris Hotel. The Out of the Box Lunch highlights a contest of Boxed Lunches– yum! And the Xperience lunch will provide guided discussion about the topics of your choice, with a fantastic menu to boot.

Party! Tonight’s PURE sensation party isn’t quite sold out (as of Sunday night)– so ask at registration for tickets. I’ve had a sneak peek at the party programs, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be parked by the Bling Bar all night. Everything looks delicious and delectable!

Jamie Keating attacks each day with precision. Photo by Chelsea Kelly.

It’ll be a long day, so follow the advice of Bill Pannhoff and Bill Hansen: make your goals out of reach but not out of sight. What I’m saying is: fill your day with as much as you can handle, then let it all out at PURE. I can’t wait to see you there!


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