My Fair Finale

Rehearsal is bumping from the Palace Ballroom — they’re playing one of my favorite Beyonce songs — and everyone in the office is excited for tonight’s awards and final session with Tutera. I’m a little sad that the Conference is almost over… but I know it was an amazing opportunity to get to know so many readers, through this blog and  in person. If I was able to connect with you, you’ll hear from me in the next week or so — I promise.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten enough material to write two years’ worth of magazines. I’ve learned a ton about catering and I’ve had so much fun.

I’m a big blog-posted out at this point, but stay tuned to this blog! I’m definitely going to be updating regularly (once a week! I hope!). I’ll definitely have some more show recaps over the coming weeks and months.

Also, thanks to Chelsea and Alex, who are amazingly helpful and talented photographers, and to Nan, Catersource’s VP of Marketing, who put together our Show Daily emails. And thanks again to all of our guests and speakers.

See you at the closing session!

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