Winding Down? No Way. End Wednesday with a Bang!

Check out the National Ice Carving Association on the Tradeshow floor. Photo by Chelsea Kelly.

]Today is a big day on the Tradeshow floor. If you haven’t been able to check out the Tabletop Competition, then be sure to head over after today’s judging. Just from the Tabletops alone, there are a lot of amazing ideas — treehouses, peacocks, a construction site — that definitely stand out from your average table setting. The colors are gorgeous, and the design, divine. Make sure you stop by and vote for your favorite — Tutera’s pick will be phenomenal, I’m sure, but make sure that your voice is heard!

A lovely display from the Red Bird booth. Photo by Chelsea Kelly.

In addition to all of the amazing exhibitors, make sure you check out the Spectacular Sweets Pastry Showcase. At 10am, Chef Chris Hammer will be attempting a world record in creating the longest sugar ribbon. Following that, at 11am, NICA will be presenting One Hour of Dueling Chainsaws (along with lots of other amazing ice carving events throughout the morning).

Awesome displays at the Ad Inc booth. Photo by Chelsea Kelly.

Our Big Ticket Raffle is at 1:00pm, and you must be present to win amazing prizes, like a $7500 gift certificate for services on and The Knot magazine or a 2013 Conference Package worth $6000. They’re can’t-miss prizes, so be sure you’re there!

There are sessions this afternoon, so make sure your “Catersource Tips” spreadsheet is as full as it possibly can be. I’m going to try to make a couple — I really want to learn the secrets behind Catersource parties past with Cade.

A preview for the closing session. Photo from my iPhone. 😉

And tonight we’ll have our closing session with David Tutera. I just heard the phrase “and we’ll need 12 packages of Cool Whip for tonight,” and there are boxes and boxes of sprinkles behind me in the Catersource office… so I know that it’s going to be a pretty tasty and fabulous way to end a really amazing conference.

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