Twin Cities NACE Conference: Seating Trends, a History Lesson and Global Flair

Last Wednesday, I ascended the escalators of the downtown Minneapolis Hilton to find a small line in front of a metal detector. Inside the ballroom were flags with the seal of the President and the Vice-president all set up like a press conference… and  while NACE National President Greg Casella was a very lovely person, I was pretty sure that all this fanfare wasn’t for him. The staff of the Hilton pointed me down the hall to another ballroom – which was decorated with a variety of styles of tables and wasn’t nearly as stuffy as the first ballroom. I’m sure that Vice President Biden enjoyed his brief stay in Minneapolis, but I’m sure that the attendees of the NACE Twin Cities Chapter Conference had a much more lovely, educational time.

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March Madness Is My Inspiration Board

Very cool uniforms

Brittney Griner from Baylor. Photo from the Columbus Dispatch.

As a writer, foodie and editor, I don’t pay attention to too many sports, but there are two I enjoy watching: tennis and basketball. Last night Kentucky won the men’s NCAA championship – and congrats, gentlemen! Tonight Baylor plays Notre Dame for the women’s NCAA championship.

I don’t go out of my way to watch a lot of March Madness on tv — one night of devoted basketball-watching a year is about all I’m good for — but I noticed the superhip uniforms that the Baylor women’s team is wearing this year:

Baylor’s uniforms are lemon and grey, which is a color palette I’ve been seeing a lot lately… because I’ve been doing research for our weddings issue. One of the color combinations I’ve been seeing a lot in my research is lemon and grey.

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