March Madness Is My Inspiration Board

Very cool uniforms

Brittney Griner from Baylor. Photo from the Columbus Dispatch.

As a writer, foodie and editor, I don’t pay attention to too many sports, but there are two I enjoy watching: tennis and basketball. Last night Kentucky won the men’s NCAA championship – and congrats, gentlemen! Tonight Baylor plays Notre Dame for the women’s NCAA championship.

I don’t go out of my way to watch a lot of March Madness on tv — one night of devoted basketball-watching a year is about all I’m good for — but I noticed the superhip uniforms that the Baylor women’s team is wearing this year:

Baylor’s uniforms are lemon and grey, which is a color palette I’ve been seeing a lot lately… because I’ve been doing research for our weddings issue. One of the color combinations I’ve been seeing a lot in my research is lemon and grey.

Lemon/Grey inspiration board from One White Dress.

Now, I don’t mean to equate women’s basketball and weddings in any way. They are two very very different things, and there’s no real connection except that I am seeing the same colors in these two specific scenarios. But I think that the Baylor uniforms look really amazing, and it’s rare that you see any kind of popular wedding palette in a basketball game. Carolina Blue is probably the exception, probably because it’s one of the few examples of pastelish palettes in the sports world. Not that weddings are necessarily pastel, but the uber-vibrant and neon hues of sports uniforms don’t often share an aesthetic sensibility with contemporary wedding decor.

Notre Dame’s colors or just another shade of peacock? Inspiration board from the Wedding Bee.

Except for possibly the biggest sports fans, it’s rare to see any kind of sports colors in any wedding design magazines at all — I’m sure you’d have to be a pretty big University of Minnesota fan to choose maroon and gold as your wedding colors, for example. (Especially since the Minnesota gold is more of a brownish yellow instead of actual shiny gold… the U of MN’s my alma mater, but it just seems like it would take a real fan to go the Goldy Gopher route. And more power to those fans!)

Notre Dame’s Natalie Achonwa from 2011 (the uniforms this year are not quite as colorful). I’m going to go out on a limb and say the uniform is close enough to peacock palette that we can make a comparison.

But I don’t know… maybe the Notre Dame uniforms match this year’s ultratrendy peacock theme.

This year’s wedding issue won’t delve into colors too much, but it’s fun to see the crossover in the color schemes and current events. Are there any sports-like palettes you’ve seen in weddings you cater?

Early next week I’ll have a preview of the May/June issue, but until then, I’ll keep thinking about how these sports palettes keep matching the bridal magazines I’ve been reading.


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