Mint Juleps or Margaritas: A Weekend of Great Convergence

Fresh margaritas by the batch at

Well, the Catersource office is nearly entirely cleared out, as most of our staff will be in Chicago this weekend for the National Restaurant Association show. I leave tomorrow morning, and I’ll be in the Catersource booth (#5528) from about 11:30 until 1 – stop by and say hello! I’ll also be at the booth on Monday and Tuesday from 9:30am to 11:00am with our new May/June issues, They just got in yesterday, and they look fantastic!

If you’re not at the show, it’s still a big weekend. Tomorrow is the great convergence of two of my favorite events: the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo! It’ll be a green-drinking holiday to rival St. Pat’s! Except slightly more classy… 😉

If you’re in the mood to celebrate some fast fillies while wearing huge hats, check out the Mint Julep Snow Cones recipe from Star Catering in Falls Church, VA.

Or, if you’re feeling un poco caliente (forgive me, please, for poor Spanish!) and preparing for a crowd, you can try the Margaritas Frescas by the batch from the March/April issue. Or, also from Dan Smith of Good Gracious! Events in Los Angeles, CA, try a Double Agave Vanilla Margarita.

Catersource had lots of ways to help you celebrate. Stay tuned to this blog for a full report from the NRA show. I’ll also be trying out our Instagram channel this weekend (our username is Catersource, if you want to find us on your phone!).


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