Great Googa Mooga, a Family Wedding and Catering the G-8 Summit: Monday Wrap-up!

Beer-braised chicken and potato nachos from All Smoked Up Catering in Danbury, CT. YUM!

Happy Monday, y’all! Even though it’s a full week before Memorial Day, it feels full on like it’s the middle of summertime. I was in the suburbs of Boston this weekend, celebrating my big brother’s wedding, and we had a beautiful, beautiful day. Because it was such a small wedding – there were only 16 of us – it was held at a restaurant in Dedham, MA, and not catered. But the food was great – we had a choice of chicken piccata, beef tenderloin and horseradish and pistachio-encrusted salmon. Since I’m the foodie sister, I made sure to try all three entrees, and yum! All three were delicious, and I especially liked the salmon – pistachio is probably my favorite nut, my favorite bar snack, and pretty much my favorite color, too, so I’m happy to see it’s still a hot ingredient. The horseradish worked well, too, and was a huge hit with my Polish American mother.

Also on the East Coast, a culinary Lollapalooza called Great Googa Mooga took over Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. Chefs from around the city prepped their best dishes, and live bands filled the bandshell. Entry was free, although you had to pre-register beforehand. Sounds like a good time, right? A sunny day, samples of delicious food… but by and large the New York food world hated everything about the event, first because of endlessly long lines and then because vendors plain ran out of food. Here’s a roundup of tweets about the event on, and some photos are here. Everyone was unhappy, and if there were any happy people, they weren’t tweeting about it.

And when I read that list of tweets, I kept thinking about how caterers would have handled the situation. Surely there would have been some sort of damage control, crowd mitigation, or something other than endless complaints! I can’t guarantee that the food wouldn’t have run out, but I’m thinking that if one of our readers were working on the festival, the situation may have been assessed more than a little bit better… Of course, maybe caterers would have stayed away from the giant outdoor festival in the first place. What would you have done?

In happier event-related news, a story about a Frederick, MD caterer’s success at Camp David made me pretty happy. Canapes Catering served the G-8 summit this weekend, and this story is filled with successes of feeding international journalists and dignitaries alike. Although Anderson Cooper was not on hand, it was one of the nicest write-ups of a caterer in a local paper I’ve read in a while, especially considering that no one from Canapes is competing on a reality tv show. It seems like this was good old-fashioned business, done well. Maybe a Catersource interview is in order.

One thought on “Great Googa Mooga, a Family Wedding and Catering the G-8 Summit: Monday Wrap-up!

  1. Thank you Catersource for the kind write up in your e-newsletter regarding Canapés Catering providing services for the G8 Summit. We were very honored to be selected and quite proud of the job done to help make this important event such a success. It is just so delightful to be noticed by our peers.

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