From the Mouths of Attendees

The Art of Catering Food is over… and it was so much fun! We’ve heard such great feedback from attendees, though, and I hope to see everyone again next year– plus some new faces– in Philadelphia.

If you weren’t able to make it, you will be able to purchase the audio and presentations from the entire show on by the end of the month. Trust me, they’ll all be well worth it, and will give hundreds of ideas to your kitchen.

Now, let’s hear from you what you thought about the whole experience.

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A Quick Tour of Denver’s Coolest Catering Facilities

Awesomeness room at Footers

Awesomeness room at Footers Catering in Denver

If I could write spontaneous sonnets, I’d write one about the deep fried poached egg we ate at yesterday’s Breakfast & Learn. After a night of Skin & Bones, it was the perfect cap to a cloudy morning, the bright sun in the sky that marked the beginning of a busy day. I have no photos because, let’s be honest, most of the best-tasting food really isn’t that photogenic (especially if you’re only using an iPhone), but I’m pretty sure you can picture a poached egg, covered in a light bit of breading, exploding onto a plate filled with other breakfast goodies.

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“Guys, Are You Hungry?”

Right now, nearly 400 catering chefs are sitting in an otherwise empty stadium, with a Rocky Mountain skyline in the distance, absorbing all kinds of incredible information just about their day-to-day work. Some of it is totally outrageous and will take some in-depth culinary brainstorming sessions to even think about using on a day-to-day basis. Most of the info at today’s conference attendees can take home and start using the second they get back into their kitchens. All of it is totally designed just for caterers — and extraordinarily delicious to boot.

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Catering for Astronauts and Rock Stars

Here’s some links to spice up your Tuesday:

  • NASA is working on building a menu for 2030’s Mission to Mars. How would you build a menu for all of the spacemen and spacewomen? Better yet, what great theme parties are going to come out of the mission to Mars? It’s only a brief 18 years away!
  • What does Bruce Springsteen have specified for the menu on his tour rider? Well, specifically no sweet corn. And lavender incense. He’s the Boss, y’all.
  • Keeping the Rockstars Satisfied and the Hobbits Full of Second Breakfast: Tales from the Hobbit wrap party in New Zealand, from the perspective of a very hungry musician: “By way of hors d’oeuvres, there are slivers of rare roast beef fillet on chopsticks, mussels in Asian ceramic spoons, trays full of club sandwiches, a sort of potato dauphinoise slice, and, my favourite, a little snapper cup with a crusty casing that is salty, savoury and delicious. There are so many catering staff, I don’t reckon I see the same one twice the whole night through. And it occurs to me, this is how you cater for this many people – with heaps of staff. And mountains of food. Obviously…

Got any tips?!

Catersource in Times Square and Other Catering News

The Art of Catering Food in Times Square

The Art of Catering Food in Times Square

Check us out! The Art of Catering Food was in Times Square! This photo shows our AOCF logo on the Reuters building at 3 Times Square — very cool.

We’re super excited for our Art of Catering Food culinary conference in Denver, which is only eleven days away. All the best catering chefs in the country will converge onto Denver, hungry for new ideas. The excitement is palpable here in the office as we’re wrapping up a lot of the planning, shipping our materials out for the store and finalizing the last little details for Sports Authority Field. We just received a shipment of programs, and they look absolutely lovely (kudos to our awesome VP of Marketing, Nan)!

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