CaterTV: Five Friday Catering Videos

It’s the weekend in the summertime, so as a caterer, you’re probably extremely busy. If you get any downtime, take a break and watch some CaterTV. Here’s five great videos to cap off your weekend:


It seems like only yesterday we were in Denver for the Art of Catering Food. Relive some of the memories from our lovely Style columnist, Meryl Snow:

Here’s a video taken by one of our staff members from the Skin & Bones party. Warning: NOT FOR VEGETARIANS.

Epicurean Catering, who did that amazing Skin & Bones event, also posted this amazing time-lapse video of a gala from earlier this year.

We’re excited to feature Nomad Food and Design in London in our next issue of Catersource. Get a preview of what they do here:

Another caterer we’re highlighting in the September/October issue is Thomas Caterers of Distinction in Indianapolis, IN. Check out their menu development video from 2012:

Happy watching, and have a great weekend!

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