Top 10 Reasons to Use Plasticware

This week we got in touch with Beau from Chef Rubber, who gave us the skinny on some fantastic plasticware products.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Plasticware

10. Sculptures: With the right amount of creativity and a couple of hot glue guns, plasticware can be used to create some amazing showpiece sculptures. Use the plasticware in your sculpture that is being used in your buffet to tie the sculpture in with your event.

Chef Rubber plasticware showcases your style.

Chef Rubber plasticware showcases your style.

9. Loss: With disposables you know your loss going into the event. There is no need to worry about a broken or stolen plate; with disposables your cost is built into your quote with no surprises.

8. Flexibility: With china and other dinnerware products, it is expensive to add new shapes and sizes. Plasticware allows you the flexibility to add new plasticware without compromising the design of your event.

7. Recyclable: Whether made from palm leaf or plastic, all of Chef Rubber’s disposables are recyclable.

6. Variety: It’s the spice of life! Impress your guests with providing a variety of plasticware shapes and sizes without breaking the bank. Chef Rubber has over 150 different catering supplies styles so each event can be different than the last.

5. Cost: Plasticware is a cost effective solution for any event. With cups, bowls, plates and utensils ranging from $.03 to $1.00 a piece Chef Rubber’s plasticware keeps your cost low while providing unique designs.

4. Size: Plasticware comes in all shapes and sizes from large plates to small cups and silverware. The advantage to using smaller plastic cups and utensils is the ability to create a colorful event with small portions.

3. Layers: Layered desserts and appetizers are great to present in clear plastic cups and small bowls. Using a blend of textures and complementing colors in a clear cup creates an eye catching dessert or appetizer that can do nothing but add to an event.

2. Creativity: Create a unique event each time. Even if you are serving the same menu, the presentation can be different each time without breaking the bank. So let your creative juices flow and feel comfortable with the price.

1. Chef Rubber’s Catering Supplies are sexy!

Chef Rubber offers over 150 styles of catering supplies to fit with every event. As the market for unique designs has grown, so has Chef Rubber’s selection of catering supplies. Chef Rubber offers a variety of products from ingredients and tools to décor and plasticware.

The sculptural possiblities of plasticware

This post is sponsored by Chef Rubber.

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