Thanksgiving at Catersource

As we in the U.S. prepare for next week’s short week and pre-Thanksgiving activities, check out what has had to say about the holiday over the years, from our features to our forum. Check out menu and business advice, ideas and thoughts on turkey and all the trimmings from preparation to sales:

The twist on a traditional Thanksgiving might mean, Tertner says, taking the standard turkey and trimmings and turning them into small bites, like turkey tartlets served with a cranberry sauce, then doing something else for the main course.

Yaniv Cohen, vice president and creative director at Shiraz in Miami, says local ethnic cuisine and food products can become part of the traditional meal. “If it’s stuffing for turkey, we use chorizo as the sausage,” he says. “Instead of potatoes, we use plantains. For the cranberry sauce, we use Florida oranges in the sauce. In general, we try to use local ingredients as opposed to shipping, even for holiday parties. Luckily, in Florida we have a lot of wonderful tropical fruits and vegetables.”

Holiday Catering: Mixing tradition and new ideas is the catering challenge
September/October 2011

Pick-up dinners to-go for special holidays. “Thanksgiving has become very big for on-premise caterers,” says Ron Provus of CaterMate. “They set up a production area in the ballroom and customers come and pick up their holiday dinners at a set time—and prepaid, of course.”

A Few Trend Thoughts from a Few Caterers
January 2008

This seasonal cocktail is perfectly paired with a hearty Thanksgiving meal.
Put a Little Fruit In It
Get Fresh October 2011

I have picked up a few large Thanksgiving dinners and find myself in a bit of a pickle. I smoke all of my turkeys which has the side effect of producing no drippings for gravy. How can I make authentic turkey gravy for 300-500? Any ideas, recipes or techniques to help a brother out here?

Forum post: Buckets O’ Gravy
October 21, 2009

A Sustainable and Organic Thanksgiving Menu
Catersource magazine November/December 2011

Image via AFR Rentals

I have a “Welcome Autumn” buffet dinner in two weeks and wondering what kind of “elegant” dish I could prepare with the turkey, either whole or breast. I can use the dark for Turkey Soup that I need to make for a few hundred…

Forum post: Turkey entrees for Buffet
October 11, 2009

I have clients asking for just a roasted turkey. I’d like to compare what some of our forum buddies would charge for just a turkey?

Forum post: Help with Turkey pricing
September 27, 2010

A church or charity sells tables of eight to families who don’t want to cook for Thanksgiving. Each family may buy one or more tables.

Making Thanksgiving a Family Affair
Catersource magazine October 2003 (Our first issue ever!)

Image via 61th

Does anyone out there bill their catering clients time and a half and pay their staff time and a half for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day? I would love to hear if you get any resistance and how you handle it?

Forum post: Overtime Pay for Event and Kitchen Staff
March 6, 2012

Cornbread Madeleines from Miraglia Catering

Thanksgiving on a Spoon. Use a Chinese or large soup spoon to hold these nostalgic ingredients. Fill the spoon halfway with some hot Turkey Gravy. Wrap a melon ball scoop of sage stuffing in a 1-ounce slice of turkey and keep warm in a chafer. To serve, place the turkey-wrapped stuffing on the gravy on the spoon and garnish with a dab of Cranberry Relish. It is pretty, tasty, inexpensive and very easy for the guests to eat. They simply take the spoon off the platter from the server, eat the combination and return the spoon to the server on a separate plate carried by the server.
What Goes Around Tends to Come Back Around, with a Twist
Catersource magazine January 2006

Got anything exciting planned this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments!


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