What do caterers want for the holiday season?

We know this is the busiest time of year, so how about a selfish distraction? We asked Mike, Meryl, Cade and all the members of the Catersource family: what do caterers want for the holidays? What do you want to start your new year off right?

New pair of insoles
Fresh supply of Advil and aspirin
An airline gift card to anywhere
–Mike Roman, Catering guru and Catersource Consultant

Holiday whoopie pies from @groovingourmets in Richmond, VA

Funny that you brought this up: I just asked Santa for higher event budgets and a 26 percent profit on each.
–Catersource style columnist, consultant and owner of Feastivities Events in Philadelphia, PA Meryl Snow

Hanukkah donuts from Instagram user @myyosi

I would love every weekend booked, and at least two large corporate a week.
I want to be surrounded with foodies who know how to turn off an oven timer and not burn a roux.
I want four more hammered stainless platters with round iron risers.
I would like two brides this season who haven’t spent every minute of every day on Pinterest.
–Allison DiVirgilio, Ludwig’s Village Market & Catering, Coatesville, PA

Photo from @melangeevents in Houston, TX

For Christmas this year I would like a food waste composter!  We are going to be growing a bunch of herbs and vegetables next year for our events, and I would like to be able to compost our food waste and use it in our garden.
–Jeffrey Miller, Jeffrey A. Miller Catering, Philadelphia, PA [The PA deluge was not at all intentional, but Pennsylvania’s doing a lot of wishing this year! -DC]

Decor from @fabulousfoodaz, Phoenix, AZ

More business with more clients who have more money to spend and the economy to magically turn around!
–Gina Miriam, Maggio’s Catering, Southhampton, PA

Hanukkah buffet from Instagram user @shellyf8

We’d love new a new chef’s knife!
–Dan Smith and Cade Nagy, Catering by Design, Denver, CO

Holiday centerpiece by @melangeevents in Houston, TX

I’m not sure how it could be wrapped but a practical gift idea would be to install an on-premise Gas Station. A car wash would be a nice touch too. Holiday catering is busy and keeping the big trucks, vans and vehicles gassed up and looking sharp can be challenging (especially with snowy roads) Okay, maybe this isn’t so practical. Loaded gift cards for the local gas station would be a nice gift as well.
–Jolene Ihle, VP Sales for Catersource and former caterer

Photo from @chefbecks at Delectable Dreams in Orange County, CA

A larger facility with a store front and small cafe area.
-Joelene DeFranco, J. DeFranco & Daughters Catering, Bangor, PA

From @21carrots, Kuwait

Do you have more Christmas wishes? Post them in the comments. Happy holidays!



5 thoughts on “What do caterers want for the holiday season?

  1. I am a small caterer so I have small needs. I would like Santa to bring me the T-Rex Large 62-70 Can Collapsible Rolling Cooler.

  2. Dear Santa,
    Thank you for these happy little catering elves. We are so thrilled that their heads have not yet exploded and they are working so hard with smiles on their faces. We are eager to give them a long winter’s nap starting on January 1st. For Christmas, please bring us lower beef prices and more hours in the December days.

  3. I would love;
    1.Servers who arrive on time and are not starving before they work. Maybe they can put their hair up outside the kitchen and visit somewhere else while we finish the food?
    2. No more guests who arrive over 1/2 hour early and expect to be waited on hand and foot. Also…no more guests who arrive after the food is cleaned up, and want a plate.
    3. Customers who think catering an off premiss event should cost less then a happy meal. Also… those that want to extend food service over endless hours.
    4. Massaging shoes.

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