The Catering Blogroll: Connecting with Customers the New Old-Fashioned Way


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With Twitter and Facebook abound, writing a blog post almost seems like the “classic” mode of social media. But particularly in the catering, food and events world, blogging is still a form of communication that’s widely read and a great way of delivering news to your customers. It can also be a personal creative outlet and a way to tell the stories of your events rather than just sharing the scattered thoughts of 140-character tweets. Even if you only update your blog four times a year– and with many caterers, once-a-quarter posts are pretty common– a blog post is still a way of showing your customers that you’re up on current trends or sharing news. And blog posts can live longer than tweets– a blog on your website can convey news months longer than a passing post on Facebook.

Here are some caterers who are still blogging after all these years. Whether providing tips to their customers on the best way to plan a menu, recapping their coolest events and presentations or sharing recipes that have worked for them, here are some great examples of catering-oriented blogs:

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