13 Hidden Gems on the Tradeshow Floor

Whew! Yesterday was busy. I’m a little bit worn out, and you may be too. But I’m super excited about visiting the Tradeshow today. There are so many cool products, and some grab your attention right away, in addition to the hidden gems you find that are the perfect fit for your business. Here are some band new products  that I’m totally into:

Magnificent Glassware from IEP-- 10% off at the show

Magnificent Glassware from IEP– 10% off at the show

I’m a huge fan of gold-rimmed glassware, and the new Magnificent Collection from International Event Products is right up my alley. It’s classic and elegant and not too over the top; booth 1513.

La Tavola's Charade Petal and Cristal Vision Petal from the Milano & Pompeii collection

La Tavola’s Charade Petal and Cristal Vision Petal from the Milano & Pompeii collection

If you somehow missed La Tavola’s gorgeous booth, you should schedule a special visit. It was like being transported into a magical elegant wonderland of stunning tables, kindof like the Oz of the Tradeshow floor. Well, one of the Oz-spots. Several locations on the Tradeshow floor remind me of the Emerald City. This table was my favorite, but you really need to see the whole stunning shebang at booth 1713.

Vertical Fruit Stands at Tablecraft

Vertical Fruit Baskets at Tablecraft

New on the show floor this year are these fabulous vertical fruit baskets at booth 1113.

PreGel's evolution glazes

PreGel’s evolution glazes

PreGel’s booth is always a bundle of sweet fun, and their new Evolution Glazes bring a coloful shine to desserts. Can we make Shiny Desserts a trend for 2013? It doesn’t matter if it’s a cupcake, a verrine (like the ones above) or a macaron, as long as it’s got that sheen… They’re in booth 1321.

A preview of Verterra's to-go containers

A preview of Verterra’s to-go containers

All the green products at the Tradeshow make me excited to be a part of this forward-thinking industry, and the new variety of to-go boxes from our Green Sponsor Verterra bring incredible variety and simplistic beauty to sustainable disposables. Visit booth 1249 for more solutions made from fallen leaves.

Fresh Origins flavor crystals

Fresh Origins Herb & Flower crystals

Whether floral, fennel or basil, the Fresh Origins Herb & Flower crystals are a gorgeous accent to any event: organic, luxury or just plain cool. They’re in booth 2536.

Cambro's Combo Cart Plus

Cambro’s Combo Cart Plus

Extremely versatile for both hot and cold applications, the Cambro Combo Cart Plus holds everything from sheet pans to pizza boxes. Booth 1313.

Photo Mar 12, 8 20 59 PM (1)

Adorable and sustainable disposables from Bamboo Studio.

With shapes like a pig, frog and monkey, Bamboo Studio’s new disposable collections for kids are incredibly cute in booth 1649.

Photo Mar 12, 8 20 58 PM (1)

The Craft Collection from Steelite.

There are so many fantastic options for small plates on the Tradeshow floor, but these bold yet earthy dishes from Steelite struck my fancy in booth 2221.

New sizes of square bowls from Anchor Packaging.

New sizes of square bowls from Anchor Packaging.

Reuseable and recyclable, not to mention sleek and functional, Anchor Packaging is now offering a variety of sizes of its square bowls in booth 1327.

Photo Mar 12, 8 37 04 PM

Display Table from Accent Decor

I definitely loved this Display Table from Accent Decor, especially since I could see it at either a quirky vintage- or svelte, modern-themed event. In booth 1329.

Freeze dried berries from Chef Rubber.

Freeze dried berries from Chef Rubber.

Chef Rubber are the kings of molecular cool on the Tradeshow floor and these freeze-dried berries are right on the top of the tart flavor trend in booth 1256.

Photo Mar 12, 8 37 20 PM

The Tapas Tree at 10 Strawberry Street.

It’s not a new product, but I love the usage suggestion for this product from 10 Strawberry Street. Last year the same product was a chandelier of wine glasses; this year it’s a Tapas Tree in booth 913.

Let’s see what else I find at the Tradeshow today… stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for more updates, and have a wonderful final day of Catersource. We’re really enjoyed having you here.

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