Sponsored: Creative Recipe Ideas from Bush’s Best

Bush’s Best® has the right beans for all your catering needs. Whether you’re looking for ethnic inspired cuisine, meatless options or gluten-free dishes, the versatility of Bush’s Best® beans can work for your menu. More and more menus are including black bean burgers, bean salads, and other bean-based vegetarian or gluten-free items to satisfy growing consumer demand. Beans are the perfect choice for your pantry because they are a nutritious vegetable that can be served on their own as a side, can be part of expanding your breakfast menu or can be used in an entree. Best of all, Bush’s Best® beans are consumer’s preferred choice. Take a look at these ideas and discover new ways for beans to influence your menu.

BBQ Dinner Bites - Click Through for Recipe

BBQ Dinner Bites: Call them portable, dippable, or just down-right delectable, these panko-breaded bites of smashed Bush’s Best® Bean Pot Baked Beans mixed with shredded pork are perfect for lunch on the go and appetizers. Click through for recipe.

Click through for recipe

Chopped Pinto Bean Salad: Offer lighter fare with this chilled, gluten-free bean salad made with kernels of roasted corn, chopped fresh tomatoes, red onion, and pickled jalapenos tossed with toasted cumin vinaigrette and crumbled queso fresco. Click through for recipe.

White Bean & Sausage Frittata: Click through for recipe

White Bean & Sausage Frittata: Create a versatile egg dish with this casserole of Bush’s Best® Great Northern Beans, eggs and cheese that can be served at virtually any time of the day as a flavorful dine-in meal or a hearty take-out dish. Click through for recipe.

Click through for recipe.

Serve a rich, rewarding side or appetizer with these just-spicy-enough corn cakes, made with Bush’s Best® Black Beans, held together with cornbread and accented with peppers, jalapeno, garlic and cilantro. Click through for recipe.

For more recipe ideas from Bush’s Best® and to see all the amazing things you can do with beans, visit Bush’s Foodservice website.


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