Art of Catering Food Photo Contest: Practice Your Photography and Win!


My photo of our first sample — lebni naan with zakat at spice from chef Keith Lord. Should I enter it in the contest? #aocf13 

Welcome to the Art of Catering Food in Philadelphia! Our 2013 show is just getting started, and we’ve just announced our photo contest from Chef Cade Nagy, caterer extraordinaire and expert catering photographer.

Post your photos from the next three days to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Tag your photo with #aocf13 and post by Tuesday at 1:00 pm to be entered. (You must be a conference attendee to win.)

Here are some of Chef Cade’s tips for taking a great photo:

1. Use natural light wherever possible, even if it means going out to the loading dock.
2. Reflect natural light using a purchased reflector… Or a sheet pan covered in tinfoil also works well.
3. The investment in a camera is worth it — but your phone can work well too. When shooting digitally, shoot on “extra fine” mode to get the most versatility out of your photos.
4. Shoot in various ways — focus in close, pull back, shoot vertically and shoot horizontally.
5. Pay attention to how the food looks and how you want it to look — not how your camera wants it to look! Your camera’s autofocus settings will make your photos look greyer than they need to.
6. Cade’s favorite camera mode is A mode to adjust the aperture — this controls depth.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with — shoot your samples, at the party, at out lunch events– whatever looks best at #aocf13.


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