Trending in Fall 2013: Our Predictions

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Catering and events trends come from all across the board; they’re a strange amalgamation of what we see and hear in popular culture and what works for our businesses. Here’s a few ideas that you might want to add to your rosters this fall.

1. Scarlet, samba, oxblood and burgundy: Shades of red are all the rage this fall. The runways and the September issues of all the fashion mags are brimming with passionate hues that evoke the falling leaves, like the below Dolce & Gabbana coat that might look fantastic as a table runner at a holiday party. (We recommend contacting your preferred linen partner for more affordable options than using the designer coat right off the runway. 😉

Red coat from Dolce & Gabbana: Event Inspiration

What a lovely shade of red!

Pantone also has a selection of fall colors that includes a variety of shades, including a number of muted greens and a stunning grey called Turbulence, but the red on the pages of magazines really stands out as something we’ll expect to see at events in the coming months.

2. Branded mixers — whether they’re you’re own brand of batch cocktails or something that you’ve purchased. Technomic reports that nonalcoholic bar mixers are continuing to rise in popularity in on-premise, with consumers going as far as requesting specific brands of mixers. There’s no doubt that your clients will begin requesting specific mixers from you as well, so start exploring new flavors! “Strawberry, lime, exotic fruits and sweet-spicy” are all on the rise, the report from Technomic says.

Pie flight from Thomas Caterers of Distinction

Pie flight from Thomas Caterers of Distinction: one of the ways to approach the thriving pie trend

3. Pie has been on the rise for a few years, but it may currently be at its apex, with urban bakeries embracing homemade flaky crusts — and saying yes to lard, despite its health implications and decidedly non-vegan appeal. Both the USA Today and the New York Times have published stories on these designer bakeries with their homespun flavors, and you can expect clients to start requesting minted lime, lemon chess and Elvis pies in no time at all.

Lemon thyme donut turkey sandwich from Chef Paul Larson

Lemon thyme donut turkey sandwich from Chef Paul Larson

4. Pushing the boundaries of Sweet and Savory is truly taking a new form, with treats like the lemon thyme donut turkey sandwich from Blue Plate in Chicago, IL really making a splash on menus. When we tried this sample at the Art of Catering Food from chef Paul Larson, we knew it would be the Next Big Thing.

disco on the runway for events

Disco on the runway in 2013 from Canadian designer Mark Fast — totally matches current music trends!

Faye Dunaway in Network

5. Look out for the comeback of the disco and a 1970s revival. We know you heard Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” this summer with its decidedly 70s sound, Daft Punk’s disco-inspired “Get Lucky” probably got you dancing on the sidelines of more than one wedding, and new bands like Haim sound a lot like Fleetwood Mac. Want to take the music trends to your events? Add luxurious touches of the 1970s to your soiree — chiffon styled like Faye Dunaway, gypsy-style Stevie Nicks scarves or just a little bit of disco fringe will pique your clients’ interest without being too over the top.

6. Hashtags for everything. Social media-fiend couples have been concocting their own custom hashtags for years, but with the addition of hashtag searches to Facebook, start suggesting them for corporate clients and holiday soirees so that guests can keep track of event photos as they’re happening. Suggest something like #AcmeHoliday13, personalized for your corporate client’s company name, and encourage the event’s organizers to spread the word. Make sure to get a couple of photos of your menu offerings in there– the party’s guests will be glad to have the record of what they ate and your company’s business!

A sample sign for a hashtag from a wedding

A sample sign for a hashtag from a wedding

7. Speaking of which, the other big trend this fall is celebrating Catersource’s tenth anniversary! Look out for the hashtag #10andnow, where caterers will be sharing their biggest and best moments of the past 10 years. Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.


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