Catering for Astronauts and Rock Stars

Here’s some links to spice up your Tuesday:

  • NASA is working on building a menu for 2030’s Mission to Mars. How would you build a menu for all of the spacemen and spacewomen? Better yet, what great theme parties are going to come out of the mission to Mars? It’s only a brief 18 years away!
  • What does Bruce Springsteen have specified for the menu on his tour rider? Well, specifically no sweet corn. And lavender incense. He’s the Boss, y’all.
  • Keeping the Rockstars Satisfied and the Hobbits Full of Second Breakfast: Tales from the Hobbit wrap party in New Zealand, from the perspective of a very hungry musician: “By way of hors d’oeuvres, there are slivers of rare roast beef fillet on chopsticks, mussels in Asian ceramic spoons, trays full of club sandwiches, a sort of potato dauphinoise slice, and, my favourite, a little snapper cup with a crusty casing that is salty, savoury and delicious. There are so many catering staff, I don’t reckon I see the same one twice the whole night through. And it occurs to me, this is how you cater for this many people – with heaps of staff. And mountains of food. Obviously…

Got any tips?!